Overview of Proposal Submission

Date: October 20-21, 2022
Location: AT&T Hotel and Conference Center, Austin, Texas

Conference Theme: Uniting to Transform Health in Texas: Increasing Access through Cross-Sector Partnership 

Content Tracks (detailed descriptions here): 

  1. Addressing Social Factors for Better Health Outcomes
  2. Advancing Racial Equity 
  3. Advancing Quality Primary Care through Innovative Strategies  
  4. Effective Health Communication 
  5. Fostering Health Where Texans Live, Work and Play  
  6. Harnessing Data   

Summit Attendees:  

  • Education (K-12 and Higher Education)
  • Government 
  • NGOs (nonprofit, faith-based, coalitions, etc.) 
  • Private sector 
  • Public Health and Healthcare


We are currently receiving applications for the following session types: 

Session Type 



Presentation Format 


  • 60 minutes or 

  • 90 minutes  

  • 60 minutes 

Audience Engagement 

  • Highly interactive 

  • At least one third of time should be interactive 

   (i.e. polls, breakout groups, etc.) 

  • Medium interaction 

  • At least 15 minutes for Q&A 


  • Medium interaction 

  • At least 15 minutes for Q&A 


  • Maximum of 3 presenters 

  • Diverse representation of sectors and demographics  

  • 1 moderator 

  • Maximum of 3 panelists 

  • Diverse representation of sectors and demographics  

  • 10 minutes*- single presenter only 

  • 45 minutes- maximum of 2 presenters 


*Please read through Lightning Talks before submitting a 10 minute presentation. 



Presentation proposals must be submitted using the required submission form by Monday, May 30, 2022, at 5 p.m. We will not accept late submissions or submissions in another format. 

Tip: We recommend developing proposals off-line in Microsoft Word for ease of editing and copying/pasting the final version into the submission form. 

Submission Components  


Session Type 

  • Must align with requirements under the session type  

  • Note: Session duration choices will vary depending on the format selected 

Session Title 

Session Description 

  • Max of 80 words   

  • Clear, simple sentences 

  • Note: For a session to be eligible for Continuing Education Credit, each presenter or panelist must provide an abstract free of trade and/or commercial product names 


  • Max of 50 words 

  • 3 clear, measurable learning objectives that reflect the scope of the session 

  • Note: DO NOT USE "To understand" or "To learn" as objectives, they are not measurable. (e.g., Explain, Demonstrate, Analyze, Formulate, Discuss, Compare, Differentiate, Describe, Name, Assess, Evaluate, Identify, Design, Define or List 

Relevance, significance to theme, and track  

  • Max of 200 words  

  • Describe how this session is relevant, groundbreaking and/or significant to the theme and track 

Primary Audience  

  •  Select the top 2 audience sectors that would be most likely to attend  

Place of project, program, or research  

  • Select the primary institution in which the project, program or research occurs. 

   i.e.  Academic & Research Institution, Business, Clinical Setting, K-12 School 

Speaker Representation 

  • Max of 100 words 

  • Describe the diversity by sector and demographics amongst presenter(s) (moderator included) 

Speaker Details 

  • List of Name, Title, Organization, and contact information for each presenter and moderator 

  • Short biography for each speaker (100 words maximum) 

  • Headshot for each speaker  

  • Note: For a session to be eligible for Continuing Education Credit, each presenter or panelist must provide a signed Conflict of Interest (Disclosure) form with a relevant Qualification Statement (This form will be emailed to speakers whose submission is accepted) 



The Healthier Texas Summit planning committee will review proposals using the following criteria: 

  1. Title, description, objectives are clear, significant, and engaging 

  1. Relevance, significance, and appropriateness to theme and track  

  1. Clear connection to primary audiences  

  1. Speakers are a diverse representation demographically and by sectors  

  1. All speaker details were submitted   



  • An author may not present more than two proposals and each proposal must be different. 

  • Avoid sales or marketing pitches when preparing your proposal; these talks take away from the integrity of our event and are rarely well-received by conference attendees. 

  • Authors submitting proposals are responsible for ensuring that all speakers listed on the proposal have been notified of the submission. 

  • Speakers are encouraged to promote the event via LinkedIn and/or Twitter. The planning team will provide promotional materials. 

  • All accepted speakers are required to submit their slides by Friday, September 30, 5 p.m. 

  • You may review, modify, or withdraw your abstract any time before May 30, 5 p.m. 

  • We anticipate notifying presenters on the status of their proposal by June 30, 5 p.m. 

  • We will provide complimentary Summit registration for accepted primary speakers and co-speakers. 


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